PT. Trust Karya Mandiri


TKM offers best integrated marine practice & information technology to support Oil and Gas "exploration and production in Indonesia.  These ranges of applications are made to improve fleet efficiency by optimizing up time and addressing inefficiency in operation handling,

Marine Services – Integrated Vessel Management System
TKM offers the best integrated marine practices &information technology to support Oil and Gas exploration and production in Indonesia.

IBMS (Integrated Barge Management System)
IBMS is focused on improving customer fleet efficiency by optimizing up time and reducing down time due to technical breakdown, high crew turnovers, manning issue as well as inefficiency in certificate handling.
We offer programs, prevention and monitoring applications, together with marine team that are ready to be deployed upon customer request.

CMS – Certificate Monitoring System
Accessible through internet, this application provide up to date certification status for every vessel. Its reminder system will alert user/owner ahead of time for each of the certificate required with enough processing time. So lost time will be prevented and compliances, such as class maintained are fulfilled at all time.





NP – Noon Positioning
This is a real time update of vessel status including cargo information, departure, and arrival as well as positioning. The application can be further develop per customer request and accessible through fix and mobile internet.

BMS - Bunker Monitoring System
Providing monitoring and measurement for efficient handling of bunker requirement and usage of each vessel







MM – Maintenance Module : Preventive and Repair
This is a Preventive Maintenance module, tailor made to the specification of each vessel. The due maintenance will be reminded and check list is provided to be followed and maintenance record are kept for history and used for any related trouble shooting, should any problem occurred.

MCHD – Marine Crew Handling and Development
TKM provides marine crew assessment “training and placement”. The activities can be conducted in house in training facility or at site based on customer request. We also partner with other institution, should the requirement is something more specific (mooring class, etc)