People and Value

The success driver of TRUST Corporation is our people as the engine of our growth and success. Their skill and dedication is what makes TRUST Corporation great. As such, we place great emphasis on recruiting and developing our people. We are an equal opportunity employer, with a performance-based culture that is founded on our Corporate Values as the only way to reach what we call 'service beyond excellence'.

As a result, we are constantly investing and nurturing our people to make sure that we can stay on the leading edge and execute to the high standards that our customers have come to expect. We also make sure to recruit the best people possible. All of our technical personnel are experienced professionals in their fields. On the administrative side, our customer service reps and administrative personnel are trained to work closely with our customers and to coordinate with management, for our customers' ultimate satisfaction.

Finally, the open-minded learning culture at TRUST Corporation is very conducive to constant innovation, improvement, and to nurturing successful relationships with clients, suppliers, and specialized foreign maritime service companies.

Safety is our Attitude
We are Indonesian company
TRUST is 100% Indonesian company, headquartered in Jakarta with domestic and regional Operation in South East Asia