Industry Overview & government regulation

The economic climate and projected demand for high quality marine services in Indonesia has never been better. Indonesia, as the largest archipelago in the world with significant natural resources and a large and growing population, by nature requires significant maritime services to support its economic growth, especially as Indonesia seeks to increase oil and gas exploration and reverse its current position as a net importer.

At the same time, the Cabotage Law No. 17 of 2008 requires domestic sea transportation in Indonesia to be carried out by Indonesian ships flying under Indonesian flag and manned by Indonesian crew. Furthermore, the government has also set minimum TKDN (Domestic Local Content) requirements, further favoring the use of local Indonesian companies. However, few domestic companies are capable yet of delivering the type of complex technical tasks that are increasingly required, particularly by the oil and gas sector as it moves offshore, and also by the telecommunications sector. A complete marine spectrum is thus in strong demand in Indonesia.

The combination of these regulations and a lack of capable providers have thus created a prime opportunity for TRUST Group to move forward and advance, as one of the few Indonesian companies able to execute complex marine solutions to international standards.

Mateus Darmawan Lesmana, Chairman & CEO

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