A one stop solution provider for marine needs, Trust Corporation, an Indonesian company is headquartered in Jakarta, the capital city. Indonesia is a maritime country, consist of over 17,000 islands with abundances of natural resource deposits. Over 240 million people live across the archipelago. Logistic businesses, whether transporting general cargo, mining cargo, people, livestock and tools to support offshore oil and gas exploration are among the nation major economic drivers. Trust Corp presents to deliver wide spectrum of marine logistic, from cargo transporter, offshore support to services and marine infrastructure. We inherit the expertise to deliver our wide range of services with safety, accuracy, quality and speed.

We possess core skills in every aspect of marine solutions, from transporting cargo, to providing marine infrastructures. Our Business is Logistic, Information Solution Provider to Oil and Gas Offshore Exploration and Production through integrated project management, combining Trust Marine skills and Schlumberger technology. We are also providing marine services and developing marine infrastructures in Indonesia.

The demand for marine needs, especially in Indonesia as country of thousand islands is projected to grow significantly over the next decade. With an escalation of Cabotage , TKDN (Domestic Local Content requirements) and directions of Oil and Gas Exploration in the country, the Push towards the birth of Indonesian marine company that can fully operates with the global standard is very soon to be realized.

We have been inherited with the exposures and capabilities in Shipping industries, Oil and Gas as well as Marine services, making Trust in the best position to offer a one stop service marine solutions. Our Goal is to deliver top performance in term of service quality, shareholder returns when measured against our peers in the similar industry. To reach this goal, our business strategy is to deliver safely and innovative solutions, strong growth and timely speed to market aligned with the market development and opportunities ahead.

Safety is our Attitude
We are Indonesian company
TRUST is 100% Indonesian company, headquartered in Jakarta with domestic and regional Operation in South East Asia