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As a leading Indonesian provider of high quality marine solutions, TRUST Group is fortunate to be facing a period of extremely rapid growth, supported by synergies with our global partners in the face of customer demand for our services as a highly reputable solutions provider.

Our philosophy of safety, speed to market and continuous innovation has put us firmly on the forefront of marine providers in these waters, and allowed to expand our operations regionally. We do not believe that speed and safety require financial performance to be compromised; quite the contrary, we believe that innovation, safety and speed will keep our operation at the sustainable leading edge. With our eye on long-term performance, we continuously develop new capabilities and find synergies with our global network. We have also ensured that proper corporate governance systems, health and safety procedures, and environmental compliance measures are in place, as part of our effort to be an international standard operator.

Our efforts have paid off with increasing recognition and revenues, especially given the increasing focus on Indonesia's maritime activities. As oil & gas exploration moves offshore in a bid to meet the growing deficit, and with the cabotage law requiring all vessels in Indonesian waters to be under Indonesian flag and manned by Indonesian crew, TRUST Group is superbly positioned by virtue of our proven technical capabilities to meet both domestic and international companies' vessel requirements.

At the same time, our customer base goes far beyond oil & gas alone. We are fortunate to have a diversified customer base comprising other sectors as well such as major crude palm oil and pulp & paper companies, creating diversified revenue streams which ensure stable income for the Group, supporting our expansion and enabling us to build out our assets and capabilities further.

Going forward, we are reaching towards become the leading marine solutions provider domestically and a regional operator of scale with a planned IPO in 2016-2017. Supporting this venue, we have embarked on an creative capital expansion program that will see further value enhancement in Logistic, Offshore support, Marine Services and Infrastructure services. At the same time we continue to explore and deepen our synergies with our global partners, as part of our roadmap to stay at the leading edge.

Last but not least, we have also implemented training and development to ensure that the women and men at TRUST are fully engaged, both collectively and personally, to deliver the highest safety and operation standards as the only way towards delivering service beyond excellence and a future as the preferred provider of one-stop marine services in Indonesia and beyond. Together let us sail forward.


Mateus Darmawan Lesmana
TRUST Chairman & CEO

Safety is our Attitude
We are Indonesian company
TRUST is 100% Indonesian company, headquartered in Jakarta with domestic and regional Operation in South East Asia